Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Curve of Time

The Curve of Time - a boat with  bit of history. She was built in Holland in 1959, and fished commercially as a North Sea
trawler until 1984, when she was purchased by Greenpeace. She was the Moby Dick then, and an internet search of
"greenpeace moby dick" will give you a hint of the many Greenpeace campaigns she partook in.  In 1997 Moby Dick was purchased
by Due West Charters. They renamed her Curve of Time - the name comes from the title of the book by  M. Wylie Blanchet,
herself an interesting person in the history of coastal BC.

Due West converted her to a charter boat, with accommodation for 10 guests, and she is available for  research and commercial
charters. The Curve of Time has been a local boat since January of this year, tied up in the South Harbour.

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  1. I've seen her many times, love hearing about her history. I enjoyed reading the book about Blanchet's adventures with her children up and down our coast. - Margy