Monday, December 12, 2016

Odd Bird Out

The last few winters have seen a small flock of Snow Geese over-winter here, and again this year it seems. The
birds in this photo at the JP Dallos field are all youngsters - bar one - though there were 3 adult Snowies out
of the frame. While the odd bird out in the centre may look familiar, it is not a Canada Goose. It's a Cackling Goose,
smaller in stature than our familiar bird, with a stubbier beak. I see a few here every winter, though with a very
cold winter in the forecast, all these geese may move on yet.


  1. This is a determined looking group on the march. And I'd not have known that the one in the center wasn't a Canada Goose. I don't think I would notice the difference in the absence of a comparison.

  2. Are these the geese that I see flying overhead heading north along the waterfront? I was surprised this week to hear them several times. - Margy

  3. Never heard of a Cackling Goose goose until now. I would have said it was a Canada goose. Whatever... he sure looks out of place with this group.