Thursday, February 16, 2017

Once Again ....

... our ferry service was disrupted as the Queen of Burnaby was out of service last week, replaced by the smaller
pictured Island Sky.The new Salish Orca is scheduled to begin service starting March or April, and
hopefully that will be the end to these disruptions. These are archives photos, taken on one
of the several previous disruptions over the last few years, with the photo below
including Texada Island's Queen of the North.

The latest news yesterday has the Burnaby sold to an unknown bidder, with auction bids opening at $400,000,
though I hope the next owner has better luck than we've had with that boat.


  1. Good capture with the two ferries passing. I read that the Queen sold, but didn't see a price. That's a lot of ship for $400,000, but with her history I bet they could spend twice that much in repairs just getting her functional. - Margy

  2. That would be really frustrating. It's not as if you have a wealth of other options.