Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Queen of Burnaby

I took these photos of the Queen of Burnaby last week in the expectation that the old girl would be gone this week,
and we'd be sailing on the new Salish Orca. But the Orca has been delayed, a great way to start our more reliable
ferry service. In any case, these will be my last photos of the Burnaby; rust and all, she'll be gone by month-end.

For those folks who don't live here, Powell River has limited access, the only way in and out is by
ferry or exorbitantly-priced air. So a new, reliable, ferry, which the Burnaby hasn't been the
last few years, is very important to our little community. It's a major event.

The Burnaby has been in service since 1966, and she is definitely past her best-before date. I'm not sorry to see her go.


  1. The Queen is showing her age. She's probably as impatient to retire as you are to see her go.