Friday, September 29, 2017

Black Oystercatchers

I've featured these before, but as they're one of my favourite shorebirds, and there's a number of them along
the Seawalk the last little while, these are here again. "Oystercatcher" is actually a misnomer as
they don't eat oysters, though they do have a fondness for clams.

The top bird is a juvenile, it doesn't have the full bright orbital eye ring that this adult has, and also
the beak is a duller orange.


  1. The colourful beak is a beautiful standout.

  2. Hello! Just discovered your utterly charming blog. Love these shots, especially the second.

  3. It's great to see these photos together to compare the juvenile with the adult. The differences are subtle but striking. And the beaks are interesting in both: the shell in the juvenile's and the tiny drops of water dripping from the adult's. Super shots.