Monday, December 4, 2017

The West Rascal

Flipping through my many tugboat photos for a project I'm considering I came across this shot of the West Rascal,
dating back to late 2011. For any Powell Riverite who watches the water she will be a familiar sight, as for a
good number of years she was a fixture on our waterfront, one of the 2 tugs run by Westview Navigation. As
tugs go, she's small, and with no winch it's a bollard pull only. She was already 30 years old when she arrived in
Powell River, and today she's pushing 50. She was sold to the Ledcor company in the spring of 2012; they moved
her to Victoria, with a new name, Storm Rider, and for those who like to keep track, re-named her again last
year as the Lionel D Ledcor. I watched her many times to-ing and fro-ing in front of Powell River,
she was a pretty sight on our waters.

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  1. She looks to be in fine shape. She's been well maintained.