Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Lund Harbour

Highway 101 ends just up the coast, at Lund, and although it isn't very far, I seldom make my way there.
That might be because there isn't very much to do there in summer, and even less this time of year. Except
sit and slurp a cup of tea and enjoy some of the goodies at Nancy's Bakery! The photo, while seasonal - i.e. wet -
is from the archives yet again.


  1. It looks just the way you described it... peaceful and quiet.

  2. By the looks of it it's something of a draw for boaters. Or Nancy's Bakery has a well broadcast reputation.

  3. Six or seven years ago (time flies) we kept our boat in the Lund Harbour. It was a fun spot, but so far away for easy use. I also didn't enjoy the rafting up, having to crawl over other people's boats and have them cross over ours. Nancy's is great for cinnamon rolls. - Margy