Thursday, August 10, 2017


Back in June of last year the Catalyst Mill announced that they were going to be sinking 4 of the10 concrete "hulks"
that form the breakwater protecting the mill harbour. YOGN 82 was the southern-most of the 10 - I say "was",
as she was storm-damaged some time ago, and is now tied up at the mill dock.  In any case, this hulk is
supposed to be the first to go. (And as I said she "was" here, you'll know these are archive photos.)

Back in June'16 they originally said she was to be sunk that October, then in April this year an
article in California Diver said October this year, but I'm not holding my breath.
When all 4 ships are eventually sunk, over a few years, they will make a very nice artificial
reef just to the north of Willingdon Beach, and an excellent dive location.


  1. It doesn't look as if you'll suffer a loss of scenery here.

  2. They will join the Malahat on the bottom. I haven't heard anything about that ship in a long time. Way back I remember seeing a TV segment on diving the Malahat. - Margy