Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Polar Prince

The Polar Prince arrived yesterday afternoon, as forewarned in the Powell River Peak. I'm reasonably sure
a lot of people will make the same mistake I did, but this is not a Coast Guard boat. She used to be though,
and till 1986 she was the CCGS Sir Humphrey Gilbert. The government retired her, and then sold her to a
private concern in 2001. In any case, it isn't often we see an ice breaker in our local waters. Thankfully not
required. For reference, that's our local CCGS Cape Caution tied up alongside, and she's 47 feet long,
so the Polar Prince is a fair size. She left at 11pm, on her way to Nanoose Bay.


  1. Really interesting! I wouldn't have identified her as an ice breaker. (Her hull looks more shallow than I'd expect.) And the CG cutter alongside really gives great perspective. Andy's right: very Canadian.
    (Getting older sure is humbling, isn't it? When I was younger and recovering from one thing or another I didn't realize I was only kicking the can down the road so I'd revisit it in some chronic form later.)