Friday, July 14, 2017

Amateur Built

I take a fair number of airplane photos, and for me to snap a craft that was home-built from a kit, while 
not rare, is definitely not common, but to snap 2 in one day is a treat. The one above is an Avid Catalina,
and a quick search through Transport Canada's aircraft register suggests she might be the only one in Canada.
And yes, she's an amphibian.

This little helicopter is also amateur built from a kit - she's a Rotorway 162F. I suspect she was here to get
some work done at Oceanview Helicopter's maintenance shop. I caught both these machines on Saturday,
and Sunday I saw this little helicopter, sans rotor, on a trailer heading south.


  1. These are great shots. I'm not used to being able to see the pilot in a plane or chopper. And I'm impressed with both craft.

  2. Yes, it is terrific to see the pilots in these planes.