Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Logger Sports - III

More event photos at Logger Sports held at Willingdon Beach this past weekend. The young
lady in the photo above was entered in the Novice Tree Climb.

 Bucking off the end of the pole in the Obstacle Pole Buck.

Age apparently is no barrier to entry. This old-timer was preparing his saw for the Hot Hot Saw Championship.

With that very big, very expensive Hot Saw our old-timer took 3 slabs off this 18 inch log in about 5 seconds.
Yes, mere seconds. Like a very hot knife through warm butter.

Preparing his small saw for the 100cc PNE Cut Championship. Still more saw than I want to handle

.A lady competitor in the 100cc PNE Cut Championship taking off her 3rd slab.
1st cut is down, 2nd is up and 3rd is down again, all 3 slabs together can be no wider than 4"

The Underhand Block Chop event.

 Buckling up for the Championship Tree Climb.

Half of another team in the Springboard Championship.

An event like this requires countless volunteer hours by many, many people, right down to the fellows
who were hauling away the chips and sawdust - kudos to them all.

Event organizer Bob Marquis.

And finally, the crowds were terrific for this great week-end event. There's not much point without an audience.

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  1. Handling tools like that is a tall order in my book. Doing it standing on logs or ripping through logs at high speed? Unimaginable.