Sunday, November 5, 2017

Beyond My Means

Waterfront property that is. The backside of the houses on Willingdon Ave.


  1. Hello! You are back in bogland I see. You posted a comment over at Margy's blog. I have bookmarked your blog and I have a new blog now.

  2. None too shabby. But at least you can hang out here and take a nice shot of the setting. (City folks have to take a vacation to get here. Doesn't that seem sad?)

  3. When we started looking for property in 2000 even waterfront wasn't that expensive, at least compared to their counterparts to the south. Over the last ten years there have been lots of renovations to properties on Willingdon. Now they definitely are beyond my means as well. Even float cabin prices have escalated. Now fixerupers cost three to four times what we paid in 2001. - Margy