Sunday, November 26, 2017

Looking Forward

With all the rain and cloudy skies - and more to come if we can believe the weather prognosticators - it may
seem like we'll never see Vancouver Island again. Yet once this rainy season passes into the cold days of
January through March our old familiar view will be back. For non-residents, that's Rebecca Rock on the
horizon, and for skiers, that's Mount Washington, the high peak to the left.
The photo dates from early 2012.


  1. I always enjoy looking at mountains. It is a big change from the scenery of Southern Ontario.

  2. I hope we get a good snow pack this winter. Last winter was a start, but after several years of minimal snow even glaciers were melting. - Margy

  3. That's a fine view alright. Our views of the Olympics and of Vancouver Island come and go but lately we've at least had some occasional glimpses. It helps reduce that winter despair...a tiny bit...