Thursday, May 25, 2017

Charter Service

I have many, many times seen a London Air Services helicopter flying by as they regularly head up and down the coast,
but it's been 7 years since I've seen one coming into the local airport, so when I spotted this one with her
landing gear down I made a trip up Duncan St to the airport, on Sunday.

She is an Agusta AW139, one of 3 owned by London Air. They also have 5 Learjets and 2 Challenger 604s,
all available for private charter. So if you have a full wallet, and want a ride ....

They weren't here long. The time stamps recorded by the camera show only 16 minutes between the first and last photos.

I was mildly surprised in that instead of just lifting off, they taxi-ed to the runway for take-off.

She's a very nice looking machine, but then I like these machines. Probably a guy thing.

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  1. It probably is a guy thing though I admit to being mildly fascinated by helicopters. Your fourth shot makes it look like a big mechanized insect. Nice!