Friday, May 19, 2017

At The New Log Dump

There has been a new log dump built inside the Mill harbour, operating now for a
month or two. The 1st photo (of 8) shows a loaded truck coming down the Mill road.

Goat Lake Forest Product's shiny new Kenworth at the ramp, 1 of 2 I saw here.

No hoist, the load gets pushed off with a Cat 966D.

And into the water it goes.

Unhook the rear trailer, lift it, and load onto the front end.

And away it goes, another load finished.

Back up the Mill road.

And the boom boat gets the job of sorting the bundles.
It's all fairly small, straight wood. I was told they were hauling from the Bliss Landing
area, but that's not confirmed. Lots of it, I watched 3 trucks come and go
in a relatively short time.

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  1. Very interesting. I learned a lot from your photos about how lumber gets to mill.