Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Let The Chips Fall

Chainsaw carving in the parking lot of one of our grocery emporiums, as a reminder that Logging Sports
will be held July 14-16. It's probably more accurate to say "Let the sawdust fall", but that
doesn't have quite the ring to it. (And just watching the above gave me sore knees.)


  1. This is the reason why my hobby is photography. No skills in my hands. :) I admire these guys.

  2. Went to Logger Sports last year. It was a lot of fun so we will probably go back again this year. Because of the traffic and parking issues we just walked down to Willingdon Beach from our condo on Marine. - Margy

  3. Our logger competitions at the county fair are all about quick sawing or ax throwing. None of this fancy carving.