Saturday, June 10, 2017

Mixed Feelings

I have mixed feelings over Canada Geese. On the one hand they are definitely a handsome bird, and they
certainly photograph well. On the other, the  mess they make of our parks nobody would wish for.
But when I see some fool let his dog chase them out of the park, as happened here, I get
this urge to kick the dog ...and its master. Mixed feelings.

These birds were catching the sun at Willingdon Beach.

One half of a domestic squabble, best not to interfere!

Posing for the portrait.


  1. They are every where. It is not their fault that they hang out in parks. The grass is a perfect feeding ground for them. They have lost their fear humans.

  2. You're right. They are handsome birds. Thankfully I don't often venture where they've hung out or bedded down. (By the way, Copper Canyon Press is located in the historic Fort Worden State Park adjacent to Port Townsend, location for filming of "An Officer and a Gentleman." The PT area as a whole is a tourist mecca but retains some historic identity with its Victorian architecture and maritime heritage.)

  3. You might have wanted to kick me when I chased the goose out of my garden. At least he hasn't returned, or maybe it's the new bird netting. - Margy