Monday, June 12, 2017


This week last year a friend and myself packed our camera gear in his boat and headed
"up the lake". That being Powell Lake for the non-resident readers. One item on
the list was Osprey photos, of which there are a fair number of opportunities up the lake.

June is nesting season, and there was a hatchling, maybe two, in this nest underneath that adult.

 They are a magnificent bird, as all raptors are, but I've always thought they look just a little bit silly face on.


  1. We'll have to go over to the nesting areas and check them out. Our swallows don't seem to be ready to settle into the nest boxes. Probably too many juicy bugs to devour to build up their strength. - Margy

  2. Gorgeous shots. I especially like that first one. But you may have a point about the frontal view of the face. Something about it looks a little cartoonish.