Saturday, June 3, 2017

Kin Beach Provincial Park

Kin Beach Provincial Park lies on the waterfront just to the south of the BC Ferries terminal at
Little River, and with quite some time on my hands Wednesday before the next boat home, I went
to the park between rain showers. The park features one of the most photographed dead trees to
be found on the coast, and as I don't make any claim to originality I'm adding my own photos.
Above is looking south-ish, below is up the beach in the other direction.

BC Parks description on their website says "This small park overlooks the Strait of Georgia
and offers scenic views of the mainland", but on a grey cloudy day the vista isn't much of a vista.


  1. Even after death the tree has character.

  2. Beautiful, even in shades of grey.

  3. It stands out nicely against the grey day.