Monday, June 5, 2017

Rhodos # 16 Thru # 20

By this time last year the Rhodo season was nearing the finish line, but as this year the season
was late starting, it's finishing later also. This post I'm cheating just a tad in that the
photo of the white variety was taken on my recent day-trip to the Island, and isn't a local.
(Being local to Powell River is important - I've been living here 40+ years,
and I'm still not considered a local by the locals!)


  1. Every time I see one of the flowering plants I think it should be in a more tropical location, but I'm thankful they grow so well here. - Margy

  2. These make me miss the beautiful rhododendron bush we had in California.
    Forty years and still not considered a local?? It tells you a lot about how much transience Powell River has.